Monday, January 17, 2011

Dress-Up Clothes Shelves

Dress-up clothes shelves, as promised.

For this installment of operation toy clean up I, again, raided my box collection. If you have babies or toddlers still in diapers or pull-ups I highly recommend saving the boxes! I have used these for several projects, as well as, for moving. Anyhoo... I came up with 7 pull-up boxes of the same size. Then, I cut off the bottom flaps (these don't meet all the way in the middle).

Next, I used white acrylic craft paint to cover the writing on the sides of the boxes.

Once the paint was dry I connected the boxes by using a length of contact paper that I folded over the edges. I did this for all six boxes on both the inner sides and the inner top/bottom. I left the outer sides for the last step.

Next, I covered the sides. I laid the contact paper out and took the backing off. Then, I put the connected boxes on the paper and rolled it all the way around. I left a little overlap on the front and back. For the back, I just folded the paper up like wrapping a gift. For the front I cut a slit and folded the paper over the edges.

Here they are. 

With the 7th box I cut it in half, wrapped it top and bottom in contact paper and slid it in one of the compartments to create additional shelves for the shoes.

Up next, covered boxes for dress-up jewelry.

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  1. I love this idea! It looks so adorable and so inviting and organized for young children to play. I am so curious to know how you made the wardrobe box for the dress up clothes?! I am trying to make one for my daughter now.